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Riso Scotti

Very light taste and aroma of rice oil suits for both – frying and dressing cold dishes.

Healthy rice wafers, oat and rice drinks which are suitable for a balanced diet.

The wide range of variety that will allow you to experience traditional recipes and new culinary trends, always with high gastronomic quality.

Healthy, organically grown rice and oat drinks, especially suitable for people suffering from lactose and gluten allergy.

Costa d´Oro

High-quality olive oil and seed oil from the Italian manufacturer, which enjoyed by the consumers around the world.

100% natural extra virgin olive oil, ideal for seasoning first-class dishes.


Delicious Italian extra virgin olive oils obtained during the first cold pressing.

Very tasty and juicy olives grown in Italy and handpicked.

High-quality balsamic vinegar, natural method according to a traditional recipe.

Decorative ceramic handmade pans filled with olive oil.


Canned tuna, for the production of which used only selected tuna, caught in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.


Italian organic pasta made from whole meal flour.

The high quality Italian pasta, accepted by the Italian Chefs’ Union, is made from the finest flour varieties.


Exclusive mixings with different flavors, which are very popular both in Italy and in other countries.


Traditional Italian baked goods – “Cantuccini” cookies with almonds and chocolate pieces.


Natural sweets – dried fruits and nuts in chocolate.


Bite is a delicious and absolutely natural bar of dried fruits, berries, nuts and spices.


Handmade production of mouthwatering fruit and nuts covered with chocolate, created from the highest quality raw materials.

Le Preziose

Gluten free fruit jelly.

Vitamin Toys

Candied pineapple with a toy.


Fruit puree pastilles with no flavoring, colors and sugar.


Traditional sweets great for the family tea: halva, kozinaki, sherbet and candy.


Elegant and unsurpassed balsamic vinegar, made from grapes grown in Italy, called IGP (Protected Nameation Origin). Mazzetti L’Originale is the leader of balsamic vinegar production in the world.


Balsamic vinegars, creams and sauces made from the finest grape varieties based on the traditional recipe, known for their unique flavors and high quality.


Concentrated juices from fresh lemons and limes containing vitamin C.


Cantine Ceci is especially known for its semi-sparkling wine, what is confirmed by a number of international awards.

Nikola kvass

Nikola is a natural live-fermentation kvass.

Nori Chips

Nori Chips are popular Korean light snack food made of seaweed. This is a great product for those who care about their health and slim figure.

“Babkiny semechki” sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are roasted in fragrant sunflower oil. The gentle technology preserves the following health properties of the product: А, D, Е and В-group vitamins, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, which lower blood cholesterol.

“Babkiny semechki” pumpkin seeds

Selected pumpkin seeds are used for the production. Oil-free roasting method—in a hot air stream—is used in order to maximally preserve health properties and gustatory qualities of pumpkin seeds, which are laden with vitamins and amino acids.

“Green parrot” seeds

Seeds are washed in flowing water and roasted in a hot air stream according to unique technology, preserving health properties of the product: А, D, Е and В-group vitamins, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, which lower blood cholesterol.


Bread sticks Grissini.


Chicory “Health” is made from natural roots of chicory. Does not contain caffeine so doesn’t raise blood pressure. Chicory improves the intestinal microflora – it stimulates the growth and activity of useful bifidobacteria. Does not contain GMOs.


Tea is famous for its soothing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detox and healing properties.


Ahmad Tea – British brand of exceptional quality tea. Unlike the manufacturers of global tea brands, Ahmad Tea Ltd. is the oldest family tea company, where the quality of tea has been always put above the commercial ambitions since its foundation. All efforts of the owners and staff of Ahmad Tea Ltd. are focused on creation of magnificent tea blends. Ahmad Tea Ltd. is a permanent member of the British Tea Bureau and British Tea Association.